We are manufacturer of Teak and Monkeypod wood furniture.

About Our Products

Teak Wood

Teak is highly valued because of its beautiful grain and color and is preferred in shipbuilding and furniture making. Teak is strong and durable, almost immune to decay and contains an oil that is resistant to insects.

Sustainably Forested Teak Wood

The teak wood used to make our  Teak Furniture is harvested from a government-controlled forest in Asia in accordance with sustainable forestry practices. These plantations are owned by the government agency, which is responsible for the control of these teak farms. They allow the felling of only a limited number of trees each year, to promote the farms’ reforestation.

Monkeypod Wood

Monkeypod tree, also known as Albizia Saman, is a large tropical rain tree that can grow up to heights of 25m. Characterized by its umbrella canopy, the tree naturally creates an insulated, cool climate underneath its thick, leafy branches. Due to its crisscrossed interlocking grains, Monkeypod wood is resistant to cracking from wood movement and is highly sought-after for its robustness. Moderately heavy but extremely strong, Monkeypod wood is highly resistant to decay and dry-wood termites. These characteristics make Monkeypod wood highly favourable in fine furniture making compared to other woods.

When considering its hardiness and striking wood grains, Monkeypod wood makes a fitting choice for sizeable table tops like conference tables and dining tables. However, it is not limited to colossal table tops as its beautiful wood figure makes it befitting as an exquisite centrepiece in any working or living space.

Sustainable Monkeypod Wood

The Albizia Saman species has a conservation status of G5 – Globally, the Albizia Saman is widespread, abundant and is in no danger of extinction.

Albizia Saman vs Walnut vs Mahogany vs Teak vs Swamp Kauri

Albizia Saman/ Monkeypod600kg/m3900lbf
American Black Walnut610kg/m31010lbf
Honduran Mahogany590kg/m3900lbf
Swamp Kauri540 kg/m3730 lbf

*Data from wood database (https://www.wood-database.com/)